Agronomic Ecosystem

An ecosystem is a collection of living things that are interdependent in an environment that allows all to thrive. Iowa's agronomic ecosystem allows independence. That's exactly what Iowa's Agronomic Ecosystem does for Iowa businesses. If you think this ecosystem only applies to agricultural companies, we have some news for you.

It starts with corn. It is a food with certain characteristics and spawns businesses that help plant it, harvest it and deliver it. That is agriculture.

Innovation happens when somebody thinks of it as a replacement for animal fat and sugar, a.k.a. corn oil and corn sweetener. The food processing industry is formed.

Then someone sees the potential in building products. A new construction materials industry grows.

A researcher has a vision for renewable energy and uses corn as the first biomass, quickly followed by the use of other biomasses in fuel production. The renewable energy industry begins. Within ten years, renewable fuels represent 4 percent of Iowa's GDP. Amazing given agriculture itself represents only 9.7 percent of GDP.

Then the corn genome is decoded and another visionary applies those properties to a human pharmaceutical.

Iowa's agronomic ecosystem has spawned innovation and industries that seem very far away from its agricultural roots. And it's not just corn that generates our agronomic ecosystem. Soybeans, beef, pork and egg production all have innovation streams of their own. All here in Iowa for you to capitalize on.

But it doesn't stop there. Iowa is home to five major wind manufacturers. We are first in percentage of electricity generated from wind, second in jobs nationally in the wind manufacturing sector and third in installed capacity and wind generation output.

Our agronomic ecosystem creates industries not just products.