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Leaders in the Innovation Economy

With renowned research capabilities at Iowa’s three public universities &38212; along with research parks near both Iowa State University and the University of Iowa – the “Interstate 80/35 innovation corridor” supports innovation for Iowa companies. Adding resources from the fiber-optic linked network of 15 community colleges and a variety of public-private partnerships, Iowa offers comprehensive R&D resources to develop and transfer new technologies to manufacturing operations throughout the state.

Iowa ranks second in the Midwest for both entrepreneurial activity and patent activity per capita.

During the past five years, 78 percent of the 5,192 patents issued in Iowa directly impacted manufacturing needs.

With 14 accredited engineering schools, Iowa schools produce nearly 2,000 engineering graduates each year.

With more than $774 million annually invested in university research, Iowa spends nearly $249 per citizen on R&D at the academic level.

Both the University of Iowa and Iowa State University are recognized leaders for research quality.

Venture capital funds innovation and Iowa is among the nation’s leaders in terms of average amount invested. During the past six years, Iowa ranks first in the U.S. with the average investment deal more than 30 percent larger than the U.S. norm.

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One of only a few states to offer refundable research activity credits, Iowa is driving innovation into industry with 248 corporations and 1,031 individuals claiming $57.1 million in tax credits last year.

Numerous public-private partnerships in Iowa focus on innovation and technology transfer, driving the commercialization of research and development initiatives with Iowa manufacturers.