Bioscience Cluster

Bioscience is Booming in Iowa

Iowa’s bioscience industry is well-concentrated, sizable and rapidly growing. During the past decade, industry growth in Iowa outpaced the national average by 64.5 percent. Since 2008, the number of bioscience companies in Iowa expanded by more than 350 percent. Today, Iowa is home to roughly 525 bioscience entities and nearly seven percent of the industry’s total U.S. workforce (for agricultural feedstock and chemical manufacturing).

Nearly 15,000 Iowans are employed in the bioscience industry, including the country’s eighth highest concentration of biological technicians.

Targeted growth strategies and market advantages make Iowa a prime location for a variety of bioscience operations. Since 2001, Iowa outpaced U.S. growth in three of the five core industry subsectors.

Iowa has emerged as a bona fide leader in Agriculture Feedstock and Chemicals, with the nation’s highest concentration of jobs – nine times the overall U.S. average.

A world leader in animal health sciences, Iowa annually exports more than $221.7 million in pharmaceutical products to 75 countries.