Housing CDBG

Meeting Iowa’s housing needs are another way the CDBG program can help communities grow and prosper. Ensuring a supply of available and affordable housing is critical to a community’s success.

Type of Benefits: This annual competitive program funds owner-occupied rehabilitation for single family homes being used as the principal residence. Applications are reviewed using a threshold and competitive criteria system taking into account need, impact and feasibility.

Availability of Funds:
Annual applications due in January, funding decisions announced in March

Eligible Use of Funds:

  • Projects must primarily benefit low- and moderate-income persons (per HUD’s definition)
  • Projects must incorporate and support Iowan’s state sustainable principles
  • All houses must be rehabilitated in accordance with any locally adopted building and housing codes, standards and ordinances. If locally adopted and enforced building and housing codes do not exist, the Iowa Minimum Housing
  • Rehabilitation standards will be followed. Rehabilitation projects have a maximum per unit subsidy of $37,500, including but not limited to the hard costs of rehabilitation, technical services costs (including lead hazard reduction carrying costs), lead hazard reduction costs, and temporary relocation.
  • Rehabilitation hard costs are limited to $24,999 of the total maximum subsidy of $37,500.
  • Applicable technical services costs (including any lead hazard reduction carrying costs) are limited to $4,500 per unit of the total maximum subsidy of $37,500.

How to Apply:


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