Community Development Block Grant

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) administers the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program in all of Iowa’s incorporated cities and counties, except those designated as HUD entitlement areas. Authorized under the Housing and Community Development Act, the main goal of the program is to “develop viable communities by providing decent housing and suitable living environments and expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low and moderate incomes.”

In Iowa, the CDBG program can be used to fund eligible activities, including public facilities such as water and sewer facilities and community buildings; housing rehabilitation; and economic development and job training.  All projects must meet the National Objectives as defined by HUD.

2017 CDBG Application Workshop

2016 CDBG Labor Standards Training

2016 Section 106 Programmatic Agreement Training

  • PA Training slides for 08/30/2016 Training [PDF: 11MB]

2016 Radon Training

2015 CDBG DTR Design and Impact Workshop

2016 CDBG Environmental Training

2016 CDBG Grant Administrator & Recipient Training

The following documents are available for download:
  • 2016 CDBG Recipient Workshop Presentation [PDF: 586k]

CDBG-Related Documents

  • 2016-17 CDBG application requirement changes [PDF: 313k]
  • CDBG administrator training & performance policy [PDF: 363k]

Section 3 Guidance for CDBG-NDR:

  • Section 3 overview [MS Word: 60k]
  • Section 3 regulations (24 CFR Part 135) [PDF: 134k]
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Section 3 (from HUD Section 3 website) [PDF: 185k]
  • Steps for Section 3 Compliance [MS Word: 26k]
  • Appendix to Part 135: Examples of Procurement Procedures that Provide for Preference for Section 3 Business Concerns [PDF: 50k]
  • Section 3 language for RFP/RFQ advertisements and bid documents [MS Word: 27k]
  • Section 3 Clause (to be included in all CDBG related contracts) [MS Word: 25k]
  • Intent to Comply with Section 3 Requirements Form (to be included with all procurement materials) [MS Word: 46k]
  • Appendix to Part 135: Examples of Efforts to Award Contract to Section 3 Business Concerns [PDF: 46k]
  • Section 3 Business Certification form [MS Word:26k]
  • Appendix to Part 135:  Examples of Efforts to Offer Training and Employment Opportunities to Section 3 Residents [PDF: 48k]
  • Sample Section 3 Employment Notice [MS Word: 23k]
  • Section 3 New Hire Compliance report form [MS Word: 55k]
  • Sample format for Section 3 Employee Interview form [MS Word: 24k]

Fair Housing Information

Green Streets Documents

Recipient Income Requirements and Census Information

2016 CDBG Management Guide

Environmental Compliance

Financial Documents

Procurement Documents for Communities

  • Sample RFP for grant administration-with publication template [MS Word: 32k]
  • Sample RFP for housing technical services-with publication template [MS Word: 30k]
  • Sample RFQ for engineering/architectural services-with publication template [MS Word: 27k]
  • Instructions for procurement for CDBG funded projects [PDF: 405k]

Monitoring, Documentation and Reporting

EDSA and PFSA Forms

Project Signs

The sign guides below are available in both a PDF (from Illustrator and may be opened as vector art) and EPS (from Illustrator, down-saved to CS4) vector art file.