Iowa Reinvestment Districts

The Iowa Reinvestment District Program is designed to assist communities in developing transformative projects that will improve the quality of life, create and enhance unique opportunities and substantially benefit the community, region and state.

The program provides for up to $100 million in new state hotel/motel and sales tax revenues to be “reinvested” within approved districts. Districts cannot exceed 25 acres in size, and must be in an Enterprise Zone or Urban Renewal Area.

Iowa Reinvestment District plans must include tax revenues generated by “new retail establishments” and “new lessors”. New retail establishments cannot exceed 50 percent of the total proposed capital investment. At least one of the new proposed projects within the district must reach a total capital investment of $10 million. And, the total amount of new tax revenues to be remitted to the municipality cannot exceed 35 percent of the total cost of all proposed projects in the district plan.

Applying for the Iowa Reinvestment District Program

Municipalities can apply for the funds. An eligible project within an Iowa Reinvestment District is a vertical improvement constructed or substantially improved within a district. Operations located outside of the district are not eligible. Buildings that are in whole, or in part, used to conduct gambling, or a hotel or motel connected to, or operated in conjunction with, a gambling facility are not eligible.

The application process has two phases. The pre-application must be submitted within the annual filing window of March 1 – 15. In the pre-application submittal, the applicant should provide as much of the requested information as possible. The pre-application process is designed to allow applicants to make reasonable changes to the proposed district plan before the final application is considered. The pre-applications will be scored and provisional approval made by the IEDA Board, no later than June 30. The provisional funding decision is designed to provide practical feedback for municipalities interested in creating a reinvestment district, but is not final or binding. Following the provisional approval, application materials will be placed on the Authority’s website within 10 days for public viewing.

Final application materials are due prior to the next year’s application filing window. All of the application requirements must be met for the IEDA Board to consider the final application. The applicant may amend any part of the pre-application to represent any change to the proposed projects within the district. The final application will be re-scored in the same manner as the pre-application, if changes are made. The Board’s final funding decision may be different from the provisional funding decision based on the final application.

Upon formal approval by the IEDA Board, a municipality may adopt an ordinance to establish a reinvestment district. The Iowa Department of Revenue is charged with collecting the tax revenues used to fund projects under the program.

Scoring criteria:
Uniqueness: 25 points
Economic impact: 25 points
Project feasibility: 10 points
Capital investment: 10 points
Funding leverage: 10 points
Nonretail focus: 10 points
Additional factors: 10 points (readiness for development, geographic diversity, and funding need)

Application Instructions:

  1. Before filling out the application form, please read all applicable sections of the Iowa Code and Iowa Administrative Code (rules) available in the Resources box below.
  2. Contact Alaina Santizo at 515.725.3197 or for application guidance.
  3. The following must be submitted to IEDA, during the annual filing window (March 1 -15) in order to initiate the review process:
    • One original, signed application form and all required attachments
    • Nine hard copies
    • One electronic copy of the application form and all required attachments. Please title the attachment documents with the corresponding instructions.

Process Flow Chart

Reinvestment District Projects — New Applications

Davenport [PDF: 28.9MB]
Mason City [PDF: 37.8MB]
Sioux City [PDF: 428MB]

Reinvestment District Projects — Final Funding Decisions

City of Grinnell $6.85 million
Final Application [PDF: 19MB]

City of Coralville $12 million
Final Application [PDF: 65MB]
Exhibit A  [PDF: 2.8MB]
Exhibit B [PDF: 753k]
Exhibit C [PDF: 1.4MB]
Exhibit D [PDF: 459k]
Exhibit E [PDF: 487k]
Exhibit F [PDF: 1.4MB]

City of Des Moines  $36,487,400
Application Summary [PDF: 191k]
Cover & Section A [PDF: 21MB]
Section B [PDF: 45MB]
Section C [PDF: 9MB]  
Section D [PDF: 1.5MB]
Section E [PDF: 2MB]
2015 Annual Report [PDF: 188k]
2016 Annual Report [PDF: 401k]

City of Muscatine — $10 million
Final Application [PDF: 43.1MB]
1A Project Eligibility [PDF: 1.8MB]
2 District Project [PDF: 32.5MB]
3 Economic Impact [PDF: 3.1MB]
4 Uniqueness [PDF: 6.7MB]
5 Property Appraisals [PDF: 22.6MB]
6 Land Purchase Options [PDF: 9.2MB]
7 Environmental Reports [PDF: 39.3MB]
8 City TIF [PDF: 3.4MB]
Exhibit E [PDF: 478K]
Exhibit F [PDF: 2.3MB]
Exhibit G [PDF: 1.5MB]
Exhibit H [PDF: 1MB]
Exhibit I [PDF: 5.3MB]
Exhibit J [PDF: 319K]
Exhibit K [PDF: 328K]
Exhibit L [PDF: 1.4MB]
2015 Annual Report [PDF: 796k]
2016 Annual Report  [PDF: 506k]

City of Waterloo — $12 million
Part 1 - TechWorks Campus IRD Full Revised Submittal [PDF: 722k]
Part 2 - Attachment A - Project Eligibility [PDF: 8.6MB]  
Part 3 - Attachment B - District Plan (part1) [PDF: 6.4MB]
Part 4 - Attachment B - District Plan (part2) [PDF: 9.5MB]
Part 5 - Attachment C - Economic Impact [PDF: 459k]
Part 6 - Attachment D - Unique in Nature [PDF: 3.1MB]
2015 Annual Report [PDF: 1.1MB]
2016 Annual Report [PDF: 1.4MB]

To learn more:
Phone: 515.725.3197