City Energy Management Program

City Energy Management Program: A Regional Energy Manager Approach

To help cities around Iowa set energy reduction goals and implement energy efficiency projects, the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s Energy Office has created the City Energy Management Program.

Through the shared use of a Regional Energy Manager (REM), participating municipalities will share technical resources. The REM will work with the cities to provide technical assistance in identifying energy use and areas where efficiency can be improved by focusing on buildings, outdoor lighting, and water/wastewater facilities.

IEDA will contract two Regional Energy Managers (10 cities per manager) to provide one-on-one customized assistance to cities to develop an energy action plan to implement energy efficiency retrofits. These technical experts will provide assistance to communities to:
  • Create an Energy Action Plan
  • Make a business case to invest in energy efficiency
  • Develop a steady source of funding for energy efficiency projects
Municipalities selected for the program will need to:
  • Establish an energy advisory team
  • Enroll in the Iowa Public Building Benchmarking program
  • Engage the utilities for audits and rebate opportunities
  • At least 50 percent will need to implement energy efficiency projects

The City Energy Management Program aims to change the local municipal perspective of looking at energy efficiency on a project-by-project basis, and instead undertake energy improvements as critical elements of a successful energy action strategy for the city. This program is funded through an award from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Adrienne Ricehill