Iowa: A Smart Choice for Your Business

Quality education and successful businesses go hand-in-hand. Companies must have access to an educated pool of workers. They also need to ensure employees have access to a great environment where they can maximize personal goals and successfully raise their family.

Welcome to Iowa. Iowa is nationally recognized for a top quality K-12 public education system, world-class colleges and universities, and customized vocational and technical training programs through an extensive community college network. Home to top quality lifetime learning opportunities, Iowa offers educational resources that meet the needs of both Iowa businesses and Iowans.


The employee talent pool in Iowa is among the top five in the nation for percentage of high school graduates and degrees earned per capita.

Iowa students continually validate the state’s top quality K-12 education system by outperforming peers on national standardized tests. Iowa students have the sixth highest average SAT score in the country and the second highest average ACT score in the country, for states with more than 50 percent participation rate — 18th overall.

Iowa’s three regent universities, 73 private colleges and 15 community colleges offer a full gamut of higher education opportunities to more than 320,000 students throughout the state.

With more than $562 million annually invested in university research, Iowa spends nearly $190 per citizen on R&D at the academic level.

Iowa’s statewide system of 15 community colleges offers comprehensive educational programs in three major areas of instruction: preparatory career programs of vocational and technical education; college parallel programming arts and sciences that may be transferred to other colleges and universities; and adult, part-time education coursework.

Education is a life-long process in Iowa. The state offers a number of employee training programs to continuously prepare and retrain Iowa’s workforce — at present, 4.5 percent of Iowans are trade certified and 2.2 percent have completed vocational training.