Iowa is Bio-Central U.S.A.

Iowa biosciences are thriving in the innovation economy. Don’t take our word for it…industry experts from Battelle proclaim, “No other location in the country has such a complete suite of capabilities for bioscience development – a suite of capabilities spanning basic plant improvements through to the production of full-scaled biomass products.

Industry Cluster

With roughly 525 bioscience entities and nearly eight percent of the industry’s total (for agricultural feedstock and chemical manufacturing) U.S. workforce, locate your company in Iowa and you’ll be in a biosciences epicenter.

Per capita expenditures for bioscience research and development in Iowa are 12 percent greater than the U.S. average.

Innovation and Technology

Groundbreaking research at Iowa State University and the University of Iowa encompasses the full gamut of plant, animal and human biosciences, and fuels widespread innovation for Iowa companies.

Agronomic Ecosystem

Iowa is the natural place for ag-bioscience businesses. Close proximity to markets, products, research and a support network of companies create an ecosystem that drives growth and success.


Cost of Doing Business

With payroll costs over 18.2 percent below the national average; and industrial space rental and construction costs 15 percent and 18 percent lower than national rates, respectively, the playing field for your Iowa bioscience operation is tilted towards profitability.