Iowa is joining the growing number of state governments creating mechanisms to provide guidance on state investments made to create “more jobs-better jobs” in the innovation economy. The Iowa Innovation Council represents an evolution in thinking about Iowa’s economic development strategies, partnerships and goals. The Council’s focus is that portion of economic activity driven by innovation-based research, development and commercialization.

Creating partnerships between government, industry and academia to develop innovation strategies will support the formation of new companies and help existing industries compete globally. To compete to win we must compete and win based on high skills, high quality, innovation and creativity. Focused, targeted investments can leverage private activity and increase our competitive advantage. Our enterprises need to be focused on the technologies and markets that will grow in the future to create jobs and raise living standards.

Iowa Innovation Council

The Iowa Innovation Council is an advisory group comprised of Iowa business leaders, Regents Universities representatives and community college officials charged with developing strategies to encourage and support innovation in Iowa. It is aimed at creating the high-paying jobs of the future and ensuring that Iowa remains competitive in a global economy. Created by legislation in 2010, the council also relies on innovation-based research to implement strategies for economic growth.

The Iowa Innovation Corporation [], acting as the operating arm of the Iowa Innovation Council and as a partner with the Iowa Economic Development Authority, facilitates a culture of innovation among the state’s universities, existing businesses, government and business start-ups. The Corporation is committed to growing Iowa’s innovation economy so that Iowa’s businesses have the infrastructure and talent to succeed.

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