Cost of Doing Business

Lower Business Costs, Higher Profits

Year-in and year-out, Iowa ranks among the nation’s best states for cost of doing business. In fact, in three of the last five years, Iowa was number one in the country. Bottom line, low operational costs and a pro-business environment make Iowa a great choice for growing your business and your profitability.

Iowa is a right to work state and payroll costs are 18.2 percent below the national average ($44,096). The average Iowa manufacturing worker makes $55,924 – 14 percent below the U.S. industry average.


Iowa’s industrial real estate costs are low – rental rates for Iowa industrial space are 15 percent below the national average, and industrial construction costs 18 percent lower. Iowa industrial electricity prices run 21 percent below the national averages.


A proactive and responsive business tax, regulatory and legal framework positions Iowa among the nation’s most “business friendly” states.