Advanced Manufacturing

Iowa is a Manufacturing State

We build quality in Iowa...lots of quality.  In fact, our $31.7 billion advanced manufacturing industry is the state's largest single business sector.  That's right, America's largest producer of corn, soybeans, pigs and eggs brings in three times more from manufacturing than farming.

Industry Cluster

Iowa has made advanced manufacturing success a priority…and it’s worked. While the industry sector has declined nationally, it’s grown here.


Cost of Doing Business

In Iowa, payroll costs are nearly 18.2 percent below the national average; and rental and construction of industrial space are 15 percent and 18 percent lower than national rates, respectively. Come to Iowa and make a profit.

Innovation and Technology

Iowa’s two nationally renowned research universities pump engineers and innovation into the market at an amazing pace, and 78 percent of all patents issued in Iowa during the past five years directly impacted advanced manufacturing needs.



A network of 15 community colleges work in conjunction with Iowa’s manufacturing industry to provide specialized training solutions for the workforce. If you have a skills gap, Iowa can fill it.

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