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Business Development Contacts

Responding to confidential inquiries and providing site location assistance

The Iowa Economic Development Authority’s (IEDA) business development team is experienced in working with existing industry expansions and confidential site location reviews. The IEDA provides the needed information to make a decision; schedules location tours; accompanies business representatives; serves as a liaison with appropriate state agencies and local development groups; and identifies financial and technical assistance. The goal is to streamline every aspect of a project in Iowa as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Contact a manager for assistance:

Beth Balzer, Team Leader

Site Selection Consultants, Existing Industry

Michael Gould

Insurance, Financial Services, Data Centers, Distribution Centers, Existing Industry

Mark Laurenzo

Biosciences, Renewable Fuels, Foreign Direct Investment

Allen Williams

Advanced Manufacturing, Foreign Direct Investment

Program Contact(s)

Beth Balzer
515.348.6195 or 800.245.IOWA

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