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Iowa Reinvestment Districts

Assisting communities with transformative projects

This program provides grants to community leaders to fund large-scale projects including new retail establishments and new lessors. The reinvestment project must improve quality of life for the communities’ citizens and substantially benefit the community, region and state.

  • Up to $100 million is available for approved communities to invest in designated Reinvestment Districts


  • Reinvestment District cannot exceed 25 acres in size
  • At least one of the new proposed projects within the district must reach a total capital investment of $10 million
  • District must be in an Enterprise Zone or Urban Renewal Area
  • District plans must include tax revenues generated by new retail establishments and new lessors
  • New retail establishments cannot exceed 50% of the total proposed capital investment
  • Total amount of new tax revenue to be remitted to the municipality cannot exceed 35% of the total cost of all proposed projects in the district plan
  • Eligible project within a Reinvestment District is a vertical improvement constructed or substantially improved within a district
  • Buildings that are in whole, or in part, used to conduct gambling or a hotel or motel connected to, or operated in conjunction with a gambling facility are not eligible

How to Apply:

  • The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) is not currently accepting applications

Final Application

  • Pre-applications will be scored and provisional approval no later than June 30
  • Following the provisional approval, application materials will be placed on IEDA's website within 10 days for public viewing
  • The applicant may amend any part of the pre-application to represent any change to the proposed projects within the district
  • Final application materials are due prior to the next year’s application filing window
  • Final application will be re-scored in the same manner as the pre-application, if changes are made
  • Board’s final funding decision may be different from the provisional funding decision based on the final application

Reinvestment District Projects — Applications

Reinvestment District Projects — Final Funding Decisions

City of Mason City $9,162,600
Mason City Final Application [PDF]

City of Coralville $12 million
Final Application [PDF]
Exhibit A  [PDF]
Exhibit B [PDF]
Exhibit C [PDF]
Exhibit D [PDF]
Exhibit E [PDF]
Exhibit F [PDF]
2017 Annual Report [PDF]

City of Des Moines  $36,487,400
Application Summary [PDF]
Cover & Section A [PDF]
Section B [PDF]
Section C [PDF]  
Section D [PDF]
Section E [PDF]
2015 Annual Report [PDF]
2016 Annual Report [PDF]
2017 Annual Report [PDF]

City of Grinnell  $6.85 million
Final Application [PDF]
2017 Annual Report [PDF]

City of Muscatine — $10 million
Final Application [PDF]
1A Project Eligibility [PDF]
2 District Project [PDF]
3 Economic Impact [PDF]
4 Uniqueness [PDF]
5 Property Appraisals [PDF]
6 Land Purchase Options [PDF]
7 Environmental Reports [PDF]
8 City TIF [PDF]
Exhibit E [PDF]
Exhibit F [PDF]
Exhibit G [PDF]
Exhibit H [PDF]
Exhibit I [PDF]
Exhibit J [PDF]
Exhibit K [PDF]
Exhibit L [PDF]
2015 Annual Report [PDF]
2016 Annual Report  [PDF]
2017 Annual Report [PDF]

City of Sioux City - $13.5 million
Final Application and Amendments

City of Waterloo — $12 million
Part 1 - TechWorks Campus IRD Full Revised Submittal [PDF]
Part 2 - Attachment A - Project Eligibility [PDF]  
Part 3 - Attachment B - District Plan (part1) [PDF]
Part 4 - Attachment B - District Plan (part2) [PDF]
Part 5 - Attachment C - Economic Impact [PDF]
Part 6 - Attachment D - Unique in Nature [PDF]
2015 Annual Report [PDF]
2016 Annual Report [PDF]
2017 Annual Report [PDF]

Program Contact(s)

Alaina Santizo



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