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The Raw Product, the Infrastructure and the Expertise

Iowa is the leading producer of corn, pork, eggs and soybeans. Each of these commodities has spawned innovation and industries that seem very far away from their agricultural roots. They are already processed in Iowa into hundreds of different products, and researchers are our universities are finding even more uses. That research, the existing processing infrastructure and the agricultural products are all here in Iowa for you to capitalize on.

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producer of corn and eggs

USDA, 2018

producer of ethanol

EIA, 2018

lower industrial electricity rates than the national average

EIA, 2018

No other state supports the biochemical industry this strongly

The USDA called Iowa's Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit the strongest state incentive for the bio-based chemical industry.

Ethanol & Biodiesel Facilities In Operation

Source: Biotechnology Innovation Organization, 2016

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Iowa offers the second lowest cost of doing business in the U.S.

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