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CDBG Management Guide and Other Resources

2018 Labor Standards Training

2018 CDBG Environmental Training

2017 Fair Housing Training

2016 Radon Training

CDBG-Related Documents

  • 2016-17 CDBG application requirement changes [PDF: 313k]
  • CDBG administrator training & performance policy [PDF: 363k]

Section 3 Guidance for CDBG-NDR:

  • Section 3 overview [MS Word: 60k]
  • Section 3 regulations (24 CFR Part 135) [PDF: 134k]
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Section 3 (from HUD Section 3 website) [PDF: 185k]
  • Steps for Section 3 Compliance [MS Word: 26k]
  • Appendix to Part 135: Examples of Procurement Procedures that Provide for Preference for Section 3 Business Concerns [PDF: 50k]
  • Section 3 language for RFP/RFQ advertisements and bid documents [MS Word: 27k]
  • Section 3 Clause (to be included in all CDBG related contracts) [MS Word: 25k]
  • Intent to Comply with Section 3 Requirements form (to be included with all procurement materials) [MS Word: 46k]
  • Appendix to Part 135: Examples of Efforts to Award Contract to Section 3 Business Concerns [PDF: 46k]
  • Section 3 Business Certification form [MS Word:26k]
  • Appendix to Part 135:  Examples of Efforts to Offer Training and Employment Opportunities to Section 3 Residents [PDF: 48k]
  • Sample Section 3 Employment Notice [MS Word: 23k]
  • Section 3 New Hire Compliance report form [MS Word: 55k]
  • Sample format for Section 3 Employee Interview form [MS Word: 24k]

Fair Housing Information

Green Streets Documents

Recipient Income Requirements and Census Information

2017 CDBG Management Guide

Environmental Compliance

Financial Documents​

Procurement Documents for Communities

  • Sample RFP for grant administration-with publication template [MS Word: 32k]
  • Sample RFP for housing technical services-with publication template [MS Word: 30k]
  • Sample RFQ for engineering/architectural services-with publication template [MS Word: 27k]
  • Instructions for procurement for CDBG funded projects [PDF: 405k]
  • 2 CFR 200 Frequently Asked Questions [PDF: 532k]

Monitoring, Documentation and Reporting

Project Signs

The sign guides below are available in both a PDF (from Illustrator and may be opened as vector art) and EPS (from Illustrator, down-saved to CS4) vector art file.

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