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Home to nationally recognized testing programs and a top-ranked K-12 public education system, Iowa’s long-standing commitment to educational excellence is well-known. And, with the growing role of digital technology in the classroom, Iowa’s educational technology (EdTech) industry has emerged as a large, fast-growing and impactful business sector.  
Iowa not only has a solid foundation of EdTech companies specializing in publishing, content development and skills assessments, the state’s three public universities pioneered research programs dedicated to advancements in educational technology. These research programs developed a startup culture around EdTech, which has raised more than $22 million in investments since 2010.
With the state’s blend of established businesses, research programs and a committed workforce, Iowa is well-positioned to become a leader in the EdTech sector.
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Size of EdTech Global Market

BCC Research

Employees at 28 EdTech companies in Iowa

TEConomy Partners, LLC

In Venture Capital & Angel Investment Raised Since 2010

TEConomy Partners, LLC

Growing Human-Centered Lifelong Learning

The Iowa EdTech Collaborative is a network of internationally known education companies, successful EdTech startups, academic and education stakeholders and economic development leaders working collectively to grow human-centered K-12 and lifelong learning in the state of Iowa.

With Iowa being home to ACT — founded in 1959 in Iowa City — and consistently ranking as one of the top states for both K-12 and higher education, Iowa has been a leader in the education field for decades.

Iowa's presence in the education field spans far beyond assessing and educating — many major education companies such as Kendall Hunt, McGraw-Hill Education and Pearson call Iowa home. Iowa has also seen notable EdTech startup activity, with an expanding base of EdTech entrepreneurial ventures, such as Pear Deck, Higher Learning Technologies, College Raptor and more, successfully growing within Iowa.

Learn more about the growth of EdTech in Iowa.

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