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Iowa Trade Mission to Shanghai, Beijing & Hebei

November 4 - 11, 2018
Event Contact Information
Joseph Rude
Phone 515.348.6244

China’s economy is now larger than Japan, Germany & UK combined. In fact, China’s manufacturing economy is rapidly changing to consumption with the income and appetite to purchase high-quality products and services from overseas. China’s consumers are open to foreign-made goods and have an affinity for U.S. & western products; but, there are significant challenges too: complexities of the regulations, cultural and language differences all contribute the structural barriers to entering this market. The positive news is that a huge amount, nearly $150 billion, of U.S. goods were imported to China last year, a 13 percent growth, making China one of Iowa’s top export destinations. This has been an enormous opportunity for the Iowa companies who invested effort to tackling this market. Success in China is not automatic; successful exporters deploy necessary strategies to enter the market. Companies who delay China market cultivation lower the chance of success as European and Asian competitors move towards establishing market share first.

Join us on this important trade mission. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) will perform a customized market research to assess your opportunity in the market. Participants receive a complete business itinerary including meetings with prospective customers. Contact IEDA today for more information or to reserve your spot on this mission.


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