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Feed Ingredient Buyers Mission

June 5, 2019
Des Moines
Event Contact Information
Mark Fischer
Phone 515.348.6241

The IEDA’s International Trade Office and Food Export Association of the Midwest are partnering to bring international buyers to Iowa. This year’s Feed Ingredients Buyers Mission will bring feed ingredient buyers from China, Colombia, New Zealand, South Korea and Vietnam to Des Moines for one-on-one business meetings on June 5 in Des Moines. Demand for animal-based protein is growing worldwide. As countries expand their livestock industry to meet this demand, they look for feed ingredient suppliers. This is a low-cost method to meet one-on-one with feed ingredient buyers from around the world in one place. All Iowa suppliers are invited to meet the international buyers and promote their products without leaving the U.S. The buyers are pre-screened, qualified and interested in U.S. products from the Midwest. This is a chance to develop and expand business with international buyers with an interest in a variety of U.S. products including: by-pass proteins, feed ingredients, hay products, meat and bone meal, milk replacers, pet food, probiotics, supplements and yeast. These are all new buyers! Buyer profiles, as well as registration is available at enter-new-markets/buyers-missions/G19FEX. Registration deadline is May 3.


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