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Mexico Trade Mission

February 16 - 22, 2020
Event Contact Information
Andrea Smith - Manufacturing and Service Companies / Mark Fischer - Meat Companies
Phone 515.348.6240 or 515.348.6241

Join this horizontal mission that is open to all Iowa companies in all sectors. This mission will help participants expand into the Mexican market with a stop in Monterrey, including an option for Mexico City. IEDA will work with its contractor, Business Development Partners, to arrange one-on-one meetings for Iowa manufacturing companies with prospective customers and potential partners. Iowa companies exported $2.1 billion in goods to Mexico in 2018, making Mexico Iowa’s second-largest export destination. This is a great way to jump start your business in Mexico. An Iowa meat group will travel to Monterrey, a major meat processing region in Mexico and entry point for U.S. meat imports. In 2018, Iowa companies exported $115 million in pork and slightly over $1 million in beef products. The Iowa meat team will work with USDA to organize a tour of the Laredo border crossing and customs clearance for U.S. meat products. The meat team will also meet with Mexican importers, processors and retailers to learn more about business opportunities. For more information, manufacturing and service companies should contact Andrea Smith at, 515.348.6240, and meat companies and agriculture groups contact Mark Fischer at, 515.348.6241.


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