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Thailand and Myanmar Trade Mission

June 12 - 20, 2020
S.E. Asia
Event Contact Information
Joseph Rude
Phone 515.348.6244

Southeast Asia has emerged as one of the best opportunities for export-minded Iowa companies. Thailand is SE Asia’s second-largest economy and is now a middle-income country. In fact, during the last decade, this fast-growing region’s purchasing power has grown to rival developed markets in both its size and appetite for U.S. products and services. Thailand serves as an economic anchor for its next door neighbor, Myanmar. As SE Asia’s fastest-growing emerging market, Myanmar offers opportunities in a wide range of industries. Prior to departure, participants will receive advanced market research, a list of pre-qualified potential agents/distributors and a schedule of one-on-one business meetings. Upon arrival in country, participants receive a high-level briefing on best practices for doing business in Australia, transportation and interpretation support from IEDA. For questions or more information on how this trade mission could benefit your company, contact Joseph Rude or visit


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