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Australia And New Zealand Trade Mission

October 16 - 24, 2020
Australia And New Zealand
Event Contact Information
Joseph Rude
Phone 515.348.6244

Australia and New Zealand have been attractive markets for Iowa companies for many years. With a common language and strong economic ties to the U.S., this is likely to continue. Iowa’s partners in the region continue to purchase a wide range of Iowa products and services across major industries, including agriculture, construction, energy, IT, food processing, machinery and many more. Year-to-date, Australia is Iowa’s eight-largest export destination with nearly $500 million in purchases of Iowa goods and services. The U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement makes U.S. goods more competitive in country. In the fields of agricultural and construction equipment, Australia is one of the top two export destinations for Iowa companies. For companies interested in entering or expanding in this market, this IEDA trade mission is a cost-effective strategy. Benefits of participating include:  face-to-face meetings with potential partners to increase business; raise the company’s international profile and grow its international network; see market potential first-hand and increase knowledge of opportunities; access IEDA support programs to increase exports. To reserve a space on this popular trade mission, contact Joseph Rude or visit


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