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Cost of Doing Business

Lower business costs, higher profits

Low operational costs, a pro-business environment and an educated labor force all make Iowa the perfect choice to start and expand a business. Iowa has lower rental and construction costs than the national average, lower payroll costs, lower workers' compensation costs and lower utility costs. It’s why global tech leaders like Google, Facebook and Microsoft have invested billions over the last several years to expand in Iowa. Look at the numbers. Read our success stories. Listen to our CEOs. Find out how an Iowa location can improve your bottom line.

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Iowa is the 5th best-run state in the nation

24/7 Wall Street, 2018
California 17th
Illinois 44th
Indiana 23rd
Wisconsin 21st

below the national average workers compensation premium

OR Dept of Business Services, 2018

lowest cost of doing business in the country

Business Facilities, 2017

lower industrial electricity rates than the national average

EIA, 2018

Locate and expand affordably

Iowa’s industrial construction costs are 18% below the national average, and industrial rental rates are 15% below the national average.

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