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A diverse economy that thrives

Iowa has developed a robust mix of industries from its strong agriculture foundation. Why? Well, Iowa understands its strengths, with focused strategies in place to spur industry growth and job creation. We make it easier for entrepreneurs and global leaders to invest in R&D and plan for the future. Our well-integrated transportation system sends your products to market—even if it’s halfway across the world. Companies flourish when given opportunities.

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producer of eggs, corn and pork

USDA, 2017

insurance companies headquartered in Iowa

Iowa Insurance Division

contribution from Iowa's largest industry sector - Advanced Manufacturing

BEA, 2017

Iowa’s Top Ten Manufactured or Value-added Exports

SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau, 2015

Iowa is the 3rd best-run state in the nation

24/7 Wall Street, 2016
California 21st
Illinois 49th
Indiana 31st
Wisconsin 26th

We are a finance and insurance state

Finance and insurance is Iowa's second largest industry. More than 100,000 Iowans are employed by 6,200+ finance and insurance companies.

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