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Why has Iowa become a Midwest hub for business opportunity and job creation? Perhaps because Iowa understands its strengths and workforce talents, and has enacted legislation to support the advancement of key industries. More than 80 insurance companies are headquartered in Iowa and benefit from a one percent insurance premium tax. Iowa became the first state in the nation to develop a tax credit program to support the renewable chemicals industry. And, Iowa's universities and community colleges develop curriculum specific for Iowa manufacturers. It’s a few of the reasons why global leaders like HNI, Kemin, Principal and Rockwell Collins call Iowa home.

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in the nation for percentage of state GDP from financial services industry

BEA, 2017

contribution from Iowa's largest industry sector - Advanced Manufacturing

BEA, 2017

highest concentration of agricultural feedstock and chemical employment

BLS, 2017

Iowa is home to 31 of the 100 largest food manufacturers and processors.

Products Produced From Corn In Iowa

SOURCE: Iowa Economic Development Authority

Iowa is a Manufacturing State

Home to more than 6,000 manufacturers with over 215,000 employees

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