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Innovation, the calling card to the future

Iowa companies, research-based universities and high-tech startups are tackling the challenges of tomorrow, today. The state is one of a only a handful that offers a 6.5 percent refundable tax credit on qualifying R&D activities to alleviate the risk of forward-thinking innovation. Iowa’s public universities leverage more than $750 million annually in research dollars, and have effective processes in place for technology transfer—allowing innovative technologies to move into commercialization faster.

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state in size of average venture capital deal

State Science & Technology Institute

highest per capita academic bioscience R&D investment

BIO, 2018

annual R&D funding by Iowa's three public universities

Iowa Regents Universities, 2019

The state of Iowa supports R&D

Iowa is one of just a few states to offer a refundable R&D tax credit at 6.5%.

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