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Iowa's Accumold Featured in New York Times

July 22, 2014

The U.S. Labor Department June report provided a strong sign that the economy is gaining steam and getting back on-track. The U.S. added 288,000 new jobs last month in several key industries like manufacturing, transportation and the service industry.

Those individuals with a high school diploma or some technical training saw the biggest hiring jump, as the unemployment rate of high school graduates fell below 5.8 percent. The surge in hiring has also hit Ankeny-based, Accumold, the global manufacturer of custom micro plastics. The company's CEO, Roger Hargens, discusses his plan to expand their workforce over the next several months in this New York Times article.

Accumold's facility is filled with breakthrough manufacturing processes that require highly-skilled employees. It has a strong training partnership with Des Moines Area Community College and offers students full-ride scholarships with the possibility of a high-paying, full-time job upon graduation. The stable flow of capable workers helps Accumold continue to innovate and produce products that very few in the world can duplicate.

Based in Ankeny, Iowa, Accumold manufactures custom micro plastics for medical devices and cell phones.



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