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Iowa ranked #9 in CNBC Best States for Business

July 13, 2016

Iowa ranked #9 in CNBC Best States for Business

CNBC ranked Iowa #9 overall in its 2016 list of the Best States for Business. Within those rankings, Iowa placed in the top 10 in both cost of doing business (#2) and quality of life (#9).

Interested in what makes the Hawkeye State such a good place to do business? For starters, we have a top 6 workforce, according to Chief Executive, a robust transportation infrastructure network and an excellent quality of life. Businesses are recognizing these traits, and it’s why Iowa ranked eighth for new economic development projects per capita in 2015.

Iowa’s primary industries are advanced manufacturing, biosciences, and insurance and financial services, and we have economic incentive programs in place for each industry. Just this year, our state legislature passed the first renewable chemical production tax credit in the nation.

Iowa can also offer businesses development-ready certified sites throughout the state, and an abundance of renewable energy—we generate more of our electricity from wind than any other state—while maintaining some of the lowest energy costs in the nation. To learn more about doing business in Iowa, visit or contact the Iowa Economic Development Authority at



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