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Vermeer teams up with Cemen Tech on “dirt-cheap” building innovation

December 12, 2013

Engineered by Vermeer and manufactured by Indianola’s Cemen Tech, the Earth Blox is a compression machine that uses mostly dirt and a small amount of concrete to make building blocks. Every 15-seconds, the self-contained unit applies 55,000 pounds of pressure to create the dirt-based blocks that are 20-30 percent stronger than U.S. cement-code requirements.  Taking 7-days to dry, the compressed dirt bricks reach full strength and become water resistant within 28 days. Vermeer_CemenTech_EarthBlox

The world’s developing nations are facing massive housing shortages and often lack access to resources to build proper and safe structures. Vermeer and Cemen Tech teamed up with Dwell Earth to help test and market the machine.

Dwell Earth is a green-building organization that works to connect non-profit, charitable or government organizations with the proper equipment and training to build earth-based structures in rural areas and developing nations. Featured as one of Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New 2013” products, the Earth Blox machine is just one of several innovations from Iowa companies impacting communities and people across the world.



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