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3 reasons ABLC NEXT attendees should locate in Iowa

October 26, 2016

3 reasons ABLC NEXT attendees should locate in Iowa

The state of Iowa is setting itself up as the center for the advanced bioeconomy of the future. Here’s three reasons why Iowa is the place for ABLC NEXT attendees:

The “strongest” incentive package: A USDA report published in October 2016 said Iowa’s Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit is the “strongest existing incentive package for the global biobased chemical industry.”

The top workforce: Iowa is home to the most soil and plant scientists in the country according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Iowa also has a concentration of biological technicians 38 percent greater than the national average.

The infrastructure: There are more than 50 bioprocessing sites available in Iowa for advanced biorefining operations.

Iowa contains the second most acres of harvestable biomass of any state according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The state also offers the nation’s second lowest cost of business, according to CNBC’s 2016 Top States for Business Report. For more on what Iowa offers bioscience companies contact the Iowa Economic Development Authority at



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