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The first step for hiring Iowa military veterans as apprentices

November 10, 2016

The first step for hiring Iowa military veterans as apprentices

The GI Bill registered apprenticeship programs offers employers in every industry the tools to attract and develop a highly skilled veteran workforce. Apprenticeship has gained attention as a vehicle for quickly and affordably building a quality work force. Iowa ranks #1 in the nation for apprenticeship programs and is aggressively promoting these opportunities through Home Base Iowa.

For veterans, the registered apprenticeship program offers the opportunity to earn a competitive salary while learning the skills necessary to succeed in high-demand careers. These individuals are known as hard-working, team-oriented workers with strong skills that translate well in the civilian sector. More than 200,000 of them leave active duty every year looking for careers.

For employers a GI Bill apprenticeship program is a smart way to attract veterans to your organization. Employer wages and GI Bill supplemental wages vary between programs. However the monthly housing allowance, which is currently set at around $1,500 per month, for Post-9/11 GI Bill recipients is standardized. The payment rates are as follows:

  • Receive 100 percent during the first six months of training and then;
  • 80 percent of your applicable MHA during the second six months of training
  • 60 percent of your applicable MHA during the third six months of training
  • 40 percent of your applicable MHA during the fourth six months of training
  • 20 percent of your applicable MHA during the remainder of the training
  • Recipients can also receive up to $83 per month for books and supplies

To learn more about taking advantage of, or promoting your GI Bill apprenticeship program, the first step is to contact Home Base Iowa. This one-of-a-kind program is dedicated to connecting veterans with employers and resources in Iowa.



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