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Map tool for Iowa ag bioscience infrastructure and more

A searchable map tool of ag bioscience assets in Iowa

April 13, 2017

Map tool for Iowa ag bioscience infrastructure and more

This is a tool you should bookmark. Together, the Cultivation Corridor, Iowa Biotechnology Association and the University of Northern Iowa have created a searchable map of assets for agricultural bioscience companies.

For example, the above map, which was created with the tool, shows locations of biodiesel plants in Iowa. In the tool, each dot is clickable and provides the name of the company running the plant with contact information. There are several searchable criteria in the map, including locations of federally funded projects and concentrations of student populations.

Iowa offers an unbeatable mix of raw product, infrastructure and expertise to agricultural bioscience companies. To learn more about the bioscience industry in the state, please visit



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