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Chief Executive: Look to Iowa for startup investments

Insurtech and agtech startups are concentrating in Iowa.

May 11, 2017

Chief Executive: Look to Iowa for startup investments

For a startup seeking to service the agriculture industry, a Silicon Valley location provides some benefits – but also significant drawbacks, like a high cost of doing business. Instead, some startups are choosing to locate in places like Ames, with high concentrations of agriculture-related businesses – potential customers – and a low cost of doing business.

This is a trend occurring across industries. Check out this excerpt from Chief Executive:

These specialized startup accelerators are forming across the country, usually near high concentrations of the industries they plan to serve, and in places with lower overhead costs than the Bay Area. In Iowa alone, there are five operating accelerators with two additional accelerators under development.

For companies seeking to invest in startups, these accelerators can provide an alternative to the hyper-competitive investment environment of Silicon Valley.

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