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Led by UIHC, Iowa City area is a biomedical research hub

April 6, 2016

Last month Forbes named University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC) #7 in its list of America’s Best Employers for 2016, placing alongside organizations like Google and the Mayo Clinic.

Beyond caring for and employing thousands of Iowans, UIHC’s success has also helped create a healthy ecosystem for the growth of private biomedical startups in the Iowa City area.

VIDA Diagnostics was one such startup. VIDA commercialized technology developed by professors at the University of Iowa’s pulmonary institute. After licensing the university’s software and patents, VIDA Diagnostics located in office space and research facilities subsidized by the university, and capitalized on the university’s high-tech IT network.

VIDA Diagnostics now has several hundred customers in more than 30 countries and employs advanced level talent graduating from the University of Iowa.

“Iowa provides the access to talent, investment capital and collaborative structure, which is fueling its growth trajectory in the biosciences industry,” said Dr. Susan A. Wood, president and CEO of VIDA Diagnostics. “We’ve been embraced as a company, and the state has given us the tools to thrive.”

In addition to the university, VIDA Diagnostics has received capital from Iowa-based NextLevel Ventures, an Iowa Economic Development Authority certified innovation fund, and a loan through the Iowa Innovation Acceleration Fund. Iowa has the workforce, access to capital and low cost of business for biosciences companies to thrive. 



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