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"Bottling Happiness" in Atlantic, Iowa

August 5, 2015

For fans of iconic Coca-Cola bottles, vending machines, apparel and other Coca-Cola memorabilia, Atlantic, Iowa is the place to be late September. The city will play host to the 23nd Annual Coca-Cola Celebration, Sept. 25 and 26. The celebration is second only to Atlanta’s Coca-Cola Collectors Convention in its appeal to collectors

Atlantic Bottling Company, one of Coca-Cola’s largest independent bottler/distributors has been processing and shipping Coca-Cola in southwestern and central Iowa for more than 90 years. The company began in Villisca as an ice and ice cream processor in 1905. Four years later founder Frank P “Perk” Tyler sold the business to his sons who began manufacturing soda called Tyler’s Flavors. With sales growing, the brothers acquired a creamery in Clarinda where they found a Coca-Cola franchise contract locked in a safe. They soon began adding Coca-Cola to their shipments, leading to yet more expansions that included the bottling plant in Atlantic. Today the company manufactures Coca-Cola products at the Atlantic facility and operates a sales and distribution facility in Waukee.

The theme for this year’s celebration is Bottling Happiness. The event kicks off with a soft drink tailgate party on Sept. 25 at Atlantic’s historic Rock Island Depot. The next day includes museum tours, a show, swap and sell event for collectors, and the annual meeting and dinner of the Iowa Chapter of the Coca-Cola Collectors Club. Click on the posts below to read more about Iowa's leading food, drink and ingredients manufacturers.



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