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Guest Post - CF Industries' Sioux City Expansion on Track for 2016 Completion

March 26, 2015

CF Industries is closely linked to the Midwest agricultural community. Starting as an alliance of farmers’ cooperatives seeking stable fertilizer supplies in the 1940s, dramatic growth has occurred in the last 75 years.

Today, CF Industries is a worldwide leader in nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing and distribution. Seven nitrogen fertilizer complexes operate in the central U.S. and Canada, as well as an extensive network of fertilizer distribution terminals and warehouses in the Midwest.

In 2012, CF Industries invested heavily in the Iowa economy with the announcement of its planned construction of new nitrogen facilities at the Port Neal Complex near Sioux City. This project will triple the site’s ammonia production capacity, enable the manufacture of granulated urea, generate more than 100 permanent CF Industries jobs and create up to 700 other positions in related industries. In addition to jobs, the additional fertilizer capacity at the Port Neal plant will provide a more certain supply of plant nutrients at lower transportation costs.

Construction workers at Port Neal location, March 2014. To complete the expansion, nearly 2,000 construction workers will be needed. The Iowa agricultural community has played an important role in the success of CF Industries over the past 75 years. More importantly, the hard work and commitment of the men and women in this sector has helped to provide a safe and abundant world food supply. CF Industries is proud of Iowa’s role in American agriculture. 



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