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Predicting Human Behavior

March 4, 2015

Situated near Iowa City and Coralville, SantosHuman, Inc., was established in July 2008. The company holds an exclusive license from The University of Iowa to commercialize the Digital Human Modeling (DHM) capabilities being developed by the University of Iowa Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) group. While VSR was officially established in October 2003, the research to push the field of DHM forward by conducting innovative research and creating novel technology actually started at the University of Iowa College of Engineering in the 1980s.

The technology is commonly referred to as Santos® and also currently packaged within a DHM simulation environment with the same name. Santos® can be used to model and simulate human behavior using sophisticated, one-of-a-kind technology that provides insight into human interaction with regards to products and processes in a variety of industries. Instead of using real humans to evaluate highly expensive real-world prototypes of new equipment that may still be in the digital prototyping stage, Santos® can be used to simulate activities like pushing levers, performing assemblies and evaluating maintenance tasks. The simulated activities then provide data that can be used for human-centric analysis and design purposes, all within a digital environment.

The efforts surrounding the Santos® related research demonstrates the capabilities of both the University of Iowa and the state’s education system. In fact, Iowa is continuously ranked among the nation’s top ten states for quality of university research and development. Due to strong demand for our unique products, Santos® is rapidly gaining a strong foothold in the marketplace and SantosHuman, Inc. anticipates significant growth in the coming months and years. Locating the company in Iowa has and will continue to provide SantosHuman with the resources and opportunities it needs to continue growth and innovation and we are poised and ready to grow rapidly. With endless possibilities for application and a market predicted to expand significantly over the next decade, we see great opportunity ahead for SantosHuman.

Steven Beck, President & CEO



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