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Guest Post: Strengthening Iowa’s Bioscience Sector, One Discovery at a Time

February 12, 2015

Many modern conveniences were once accidental discoveries. From Velcro® to microwave ovens, X-ray scans to penicillin, these happenstances have become important parts of modern society and our everyday lives. A chance discovery just over 15 years ago at Diamond V Mills led to the creation of our company, Embria Health Sciences; now a leader among Iowa’s innovative bioscience industry, creating products that improve health and quality of life.

In 1998, Diamond V observed that employees on the factory floor manufacturing yeast culture at the company’s facility had unusually low sick rates compared to employees working in the office. This observation then sparked Diamond V to commission a study to determine if working alongside the yeast fermentation products positively affected the immune systems of its employees.

The study concluded that the immune systems of the factory workers exposed to the yeast fermentation were strengthened when compared to the office employees. Shortly after this discovery, Embria was formed specifically to produce a version of this health-promoting ingredient for people worldwide.

This product is EpiCor. Our showcase product, EpiCor, is a whole food yeast fermentate ingredient comprised of many nutrients and metabolites clinically shown to help strengthen the immune system. We also produce a brand of selenium yeast called eXselen, which is a highly bioavailable and organic form of the essential mineral Selenium.

Made wholly in Ankeny, Iowa, our ingredients appear in dozens of leading dietary supplements and food products that support wellness and vitality. EpiCor is just one of many innovative products derived from Diamond V’s 70 years of expertise in the nutritional fermentation industry.

Success stories like ours reinforce the strength of Iowa’s bioscience industry. In fact, Embria was among the companies in the bioscience sector that continued to grow in Iowa even during the economic recession. The state’s pro-business environment, in addition to our state-of-the-art production facility and continued dedication to new research, will help lead Embria to even greater heights.

Paul Faganel, President Embria Health Sciences



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