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Iowa's Economic Roadmap - Battelle Study Highlights

January 30, 2015

Last month, Iowa's Battelle Report was released focusing on the state's current economic position as compared to the nation. The full report is a culmination of nearly a year's worth of in-depth analysis of the state's diverse industry sectors, workforce, transportation and business regulatory environment, among other things.

Key strategic recommendations that will guide the state's future economic development priorities, include:

  • Build on the competitiveness and growth of Iowa’s industry clusters through innovation, retention and attraction.
  • Generate and attract skilled workforce in demand by Iowa’s businesses.
  • Accelerate the development of Iowa’s emerging entrepreneurial eco-system.
  • Advance Iowa’s physical infrastructure and regional development capacities.

This report is such a valuable resource for us, economic developers and policymakers around our state. It's data driven and provides a clear picture of what we could achieve with the right kind of resources focused on common priorities. Download the report summary, full report, or key charts. -Director Durham  



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