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The "Iowa Life" is Hard to Beat

October 10, 2014

One of the things that makes Iowa a great place to run a business, is that it also is a great place before and after work. The state consistently ranks among the best in the country in virtually all quality of life metrics.

The 18-minutes each way it takes Iowans to travel to and from work represents the shortest commute in the nation. Compare that to a typical one hour behind the wheel each way in New York or Chicago.

Iowans get to enjoy almost an hour-and-a-half more time every day to spend with the family, catch a ballgame or take a bike ride on one of the largest and most scenic trail networks in the U.S. An added bonus is Iowa’s low cost of living, which is approximately nine percent below the national average.

With the ninth lowest cost of housing in the country, you can find an affordable home in Iowa, often within walking distance on safe streets to and from school. And speaking of school, Iowa also ranks among the leading states in education.

High school graduation rates in Iowa are the top in the U.S.; contributing to the state’s high rankings as one of the best states in the nation to raise a family. In fact, it’s what lured Stan Askren, CEO of HNI Corporation, to pass up job opportunities on the East Coast and in France to bring his family to Muscatine.

In other words, Iowa is a place where you and your employees can have the kind of balance that makes for a productive workplace and plenty of ways and places to recharge. To learn more about how else Iowans are enjoying a high quality of life every day, click here.



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