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Iowa fills the skills gap

Iowa doesn’t just talk about America’s skills gap. We roll up our sleeves and fill it. Iowa has ramped up its STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education in public schools and made it easier for businesses to collaborate with students. The state has also increased its focus on technical trade skills at its network of community colleges—where curriculum aligns with the needs of business. At Iowa's research-focused universities the next wave of biomedical engineers and data analysts are ready to compete in the global economy, as advanced technologies are commercialized for the private sector. Let’s face it. Iowa fills the gap with smart, educated and efficient workers.

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CEOs rank Iowa's worker quality

Chief Executive, 2017

of Iowans have completed education or training beyond high school

Iowa Workforce Development, 2017

Iowa's labor force participation rate is one of the largest in the country

Census Bureau, 2017

Iowans are loyal

The average Iowan stays with an employer for 12 years — 3x the national average.

Specialized Employment Concentrations

Location Quotients

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics, 2017

We are a finance and insurance state

Finance and insurance is Iowa's second largest industry. More than 94,000 Iowans are employed by 6,500+ finance and insurance companies.

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