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Over $4.1 Million Approved to Support Renewable Energy Technologies

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Over $4.1 Million Approved to Support Renewable Energy Technologies

Three Iowa Companies and the University of Northern Iowa Receive Awards    


JUNE 8, 2011(DES MOINES) - The Iowa Power Fund Board approved awards of over $4.1 million for four statewide renewable energy projects that will expand the development of thin, flexible solar panel technology in the building materials sector, increase cellulosic ethanol production, produce electricity from poultry farm waste and verify mixtures of prairie biomass for sustainability and energy production.


·         Quad County Corn Processors received a grant of $1.45 million to construct a full-scale plant at its Galva, Iowa ethanol facility to demonstrate its patent pending cellulosic ethanol process. The process could be applied at existing corn starch ethanol plants to increase ethanol production, create a high-value protein feed product and recover more corn oil than a conventional ethanol plant. With commercial-scale demonstration, the project has the potential of replication at Iowa’s 35 dry-grind ethanol plants. Quad County Corn Processors will provide $5 million in funding for a total project cost of $6.5 million.


·         PL Energy, LLC of Des Moines, received a grant of $2 million to install a demonstration scale on-farm poultry litter gasification system at Denyon Farms near Webster City. The system will use the poultry litter waste stream to produce electricity, process heat for the barns, biochar to use as a soil amendment, and ammonia fertilizer. PL Energy will leverage $3 million in matching funds for a total project cost of $5 million.


·         Power Film, Inc., in Ames, received a grant of $220,000 to develop manufacturing automation and solar panel test equipment to supply production quantities in their building integrated product line. Building Integrated Solar, or Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), are thin film solar panels that are integrated with building materials to offer an alternative power source direct from the structure. In addition, Power Film will install two solar array projects and produce marketing materials to demonstrate the product line to prospective customers and produce an informational kit for commercial, community and civic groups for educational purposes. Power Film will match $228,000 in funding for a total project cost of $448,000.      


·         The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) received a grant of over $436,000 to verify research findings that mixtures of perennial prairie species produce significantly greater biomass for use in energy production while balancing the impact on the environment. UNI will provide over $438,000 in funding for a total project cost of over $874,000.     


The Power Fund has invested more than $69.4 million directly in 49 competitive projects, leveraging more than $587 million in energy research and development, early stage commercialization and education. To review a list of Power Fund approved projects, please visit:



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