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Energy Plans & Reports

Advancing Iowa’s Electric Vehicle Market - released July 2016. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) commissioned a study on electric vehicle charging to assess the current electric vehicle (EV) market, forecast future market conditions and evaluate programs and policies that could potentially help the market meet these projections.

Biomass Conversion Action Plan - released August 2018. The plan provides strategies for actions at the state, regional and national level to further the biomass industry in the state.

Iowa Energy Plan - released December 2016. The Iowa Energy Plan was created to provide a clear path to ensure Iowans have access to affordable, reliable, clean energy, while recognizing energy’s strategic importance to Iowa’s economy. It solidifies Iowa’s place as a leader for energy initiatives.

Iowa Energy Plan Progress Report - released September 2018. In the first year-and-a-half since the Iowa Energy Plan was introduced, Iowa stakeholders advanced numerous projects and initiatives in alignment with the Plan’s foundational pillars, key focus areas and objectives. 

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